Fontana First Assembly


Day 1. Monday January 11 "LISTENING TO THE WORD OF FAITH"

John 10: 27–28 (NBLH)27 “My sheep hear My voice; I know them and they follow Me. 28 “I give them eternal life and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of My hand.
Today is your first day of fasting, and I want you to understand something very important, and that is that the Lord knows you very well. And through this time of prayer, that you and your whole family can learn to know The Voice of God.
There are many voices in this world, but we have to tune our ears to recognize the correct word for our lives. And many times it comes against what we are living at this moment, where the Lord wants us to correct our course, leave sin, and not return to the Lord with all our hearts.
During the last few meetings we have said that there is a lot of power in a Word of Faith,
Proverbs 18:21(NASB) 21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit. Now what is a word of faith? The Bible defines it as the word = "Dâbâr"That is not mere information, if not the creative word, which has a purpose, direction.
There is someone who is very interested in stopping a word of faith, and that is our adversary, the devil. Bringing doubt, discrediting all that is of God.
The great battles take place in our minds, and it is there that we have to learn to discard the thoughts of the flesh, and to sharpen our spiritual hearing. Fasting will help us to focus more and more on our Lord Jesus Christ, learning to listen to his voice and turning off all the noise that comes to our mind.
The best place to hear God's true word is in the Bible.
The action of this dayIt is reading, searching the word of the Lord. And if possible read it aloud. Let your lips get used to proclaiming what the Bible says about you.
What a privilege to be able to allow the Lord to transform our lives. This day be grateful, worship the Lord with all your heart

Pastor Daniel Bielewicz


Luke 8:18 (NBLH)18 “Therefore be careful how you hear; because to the one who has, more will be given; and from those who do not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them. "
Yesterday we talked about the word
Dâbâr, And this is a word of faith that surrounds you and proposes that you put yourself into action, that you enter into God's plan. Human beings, due to their sinful nature, tend to procrastinate, to put off what God asks to do today. And God is mobilizing us to a new level to promote our lives to the supernatural.
Today's verse speaks to us with a tone of urgency, that we must be careful how we are listening, that is, if what we hear we are putting into practice in our daily lives. It is that there is a very close relationship between what we hear and what we have.
A life of prosperity begins by listening well, retaining the teachings of Jesus Christ and applying them to daily life, sowing in the kingdom of the Lord, that produces multiplication in our lives. In explaining this parable, Jesus speaks that the seed is the word of God, and our hearts have to be sown, and not only have constant growth, but also bear fruit and much fruit.
We see the secret in the verse
Luke 8:15 (NBLH)15 “But the seed in the good soil are those who have heard the word with an upright and good heart, and retain it, and bear fruit with their perseverance. Have an upright heart, and retain the word sown in our hearts.
Action of the day. Read Luke 8: 4-21 rebuking every attack from the enemy for stealing the seed sown in your heart.
Affirm yourself in the conviction of faith, which is in Christ Jesus.
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the things that have to change in your heart.
Keep praising, singing, praying, interceding for those in need.
And what you have received from the Lord, be it in word, or some blessing, some advice, remember that you have to reinvest it in someone else. For that blessing, it has been fed back.

Pastor Daniel Bielewicz

Day 3. Hearing the word of faith

Romans 10:17 ESV 17 So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God
Recently, there has been a lot of ongoing research on what scientists observe as the effects of sounds in humans. More specifically, some have seen and affirm that the frequencies of sound have an effect on us, on healing and changes in cells. I think science is trying to understand some of the mysteries that the Lord has designed so that we will never really understand. We as Christians and believers in miracles understand that God has done an amazing thing in the power of a declaration of healing and salvation in the name of Jesus. The mighty name that shakes the foundations of fortresses. It is with this assurance of that mighty name that we trust the finished work of the cross and the risen king. The power behind the word is God Himself, the person of Jesus!
The saving, healing, protective, justifying, and redemptive power of God resides in the Person of Christ. When we are able to hear his words and receive them with faith, we are victors! When we are able to be open to a word of prophecy that edifies, encourages, and projects vision, we are victors. When we listen, listen and understand his voice, we are victors! So how do we know when the word of faith comes from God?
While the world may try to duplicate what is already in the kingdom of God. It might try to confuse us as we try to steal what is only from God. When we listen to His word and constantly meditate on what He hears, we can differentiate between His word and the word of the world. Be a person who is constantly close to His voice, His word, because a word of faith will never go against what is written! May we be blessed with a word of faith!
Because John 10 tells us ... The sheep hear his voice, he calls his sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice. They will not follow the stranger, but will flee from him, because they do not know the voice of strangers.

-Pastor Tony Sanchez


Isaiah 55:1111 so shall my word be that comes out of my mouth; It will not return to me empty, but it will do what I want, and it will prosper in what I sent it to do.
When God gives you a word, it is like a lion that goes before you. The God who speaks to you is the Shaddai, he is the all-powerful, he is the Great I Am, and for Him nothing is impossible. We live in a time where we are overwhelmed and confused by so much negative information that comes through social media, the news, newspapers, etc. It is necessary at this time to be able to connect to a word of Faith. The Bible teaches us of men and women of God who recognized a word of Faith because their spirit and their spiritual ear were connected to the atmosphere of Heaven. Our celestial DNA is what identifies us to be able to discern what is spoken in the heavens, and in the heavens there is no sterility, there is rustication, there is multiplication, there is truth.
We have to depend on the supernatural, we cannot continue living in reason and logic, since that paralyzes us to see Miracles, it makes us handicapped, incapacitated people, but you and I are generators of Faith of the Word of God, when we believe and we activate what God has spoken of us. We still generate Faith in others as vehicles of the word of God.
There is a teaching from a Canaanite woman who came before Jesus in great need.
Matthew 15: 22-28He cried out, saying: Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is seriously tormented by a demon.
Present your need; and Jesus responds I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And she insists, she humbles herself;he prostrated himself before him, saying: Lord, help me! … Answering He said: It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs. And she said: Yes, Lord; but even the little dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters' table. Then answering Jesus, said: O woman, great is your faith; be done with you as you want. And her daughter was healed since then.
This woman had factors against her, she was Greek, Cinophenisia, no one had invited her, Jesus, at her first insistence, does not respond, remains silent and still had against those who wanted him to fire her, There will be factors that will be against you, but If you are aligned and in the purpose of God you will recognize your word of Faith.
I imagine that She believed, I identify the word, but her humiliation and belief transformed the atmosphere to receive her miracle. Jesus gave the word and she recognized it: GET TO YOU AS YOU WANT !!! He received it, believed it, and activated it in his spirit, it was revealed that: Heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of God will not pass away. Our answer is obtained in heaven and manifested on earth.
Remember It is firmer what God says than the land that you walk on !! the word is not supported by you, the word supports you. A word that came from the Heart of God changed everything. When he gives us a word he already has the resources to fulfill it. For Him nothing is impossible.
Centurion said Lord just say the word and my Servant will be healed, because I am also a man of authority, Centurion recognized the word of Authority that was in Jesus. Centurion felt unworthy for a Jesus to enter his house, but his Faith exceeded limits. Because without Faith it is impossible to please God. Jesus turning to the people said, not even in Israel have I found so much Faith and when they returned home they found the servant healthy. (Luke 7: 1-10) One word changed everything.
  • 2021 will be a year of seeing the word of God fulfilled over your life, prepare your spirit, because times are coming where every word that God said will be fulfilled. Just believe. If you believe, you will see the Glory of God over your life. Time to see with your eyes what your Heart longs for.
"Receive, Believe, Acknowledge and Activate the word of Faith in your Spirit." His word will.

Evangelist Alejandra Joel Espejel


I remember a few years ago when I was working in a bank, I quickly learned the difference between fake and real bills. At first I was tricked by counterfeit bills, but the more time I spent handling money, the easier it was for me to recognize when someone handed me a fake one. Real banknotes have unique features and texture that cannot easily be duplicated, and are easily identified by a person who is working with them on a daily basis. So it is with the voice of God, the more time we spend knowing Him, we can identify when He is the one speaking to us.

It is important to learn to listen and recognize the word that comes from God. We have the Bible, inspired by God to read, study and put into practice. God will never guide you contrary to what the Bible says. We hear God's voice when we spend quality time in prayer with Him. When he speaks to us and allows us to go through something, we know that it is because it is in his plans for the good of us.

Let's look at the example of Mary when she received the word of the angel. “The angel said to her: Do not be afraid, Mary, for you enjoy God's favor. Look, you will conceive and give birth to a son, whom you will call Jesus… The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; that is why the consecrated person who is born will bear the title of Son of God. " Luke 1: 30-31

Mary believed in the word and I have no doubt that God had a plan for her. She allowed herself to be that instrument to carry out God's plan. She received Jesus and cared for him with joy, but also gave him up without reproaching God for anything, even though this surrender was painful. Let us remember that Jesus Christ was crucified so that man could be redeemed. This process was very painful for Maria, as she saw her son unfairly beaten and killed on the cross.

Maria recognized that her faith and love in God would sustain her during each process. God's plans for our life are perfect. Some cause happiness and other pain, but all work for the good. "We know that God is preparing everything for the good of those who love him, that is, of those he has called according to his plan" Romans 8:28

Let's learn to listen to God's voice and recognize our faith in Him.

Are you ready to activate your faith and believe God?

-Patty and Carlos Tena


Ephesians 2: 8
The growth of Faith is a process that you go through in life. Faith is much more than believing and receiving a miracle, Faith processes and transforms your character; and extends you in spiritual growth. In Ephesians 2: 8 he describes that, by the grace of God, and this was made possible by faith. This shows that the power of Faith in our lives is much greater than what we perceive. We must understand that Faith is to abandon all our trust in other things and leave everything in the hands of God, and this will always be the best option. For this reason, Faith deals with your character, your ego, and your own plans. Because the only answer that truly serves your life is the answer that God gives you. As true children of God we need to have Faith to be the people He wants us to be. When we understand that Faith is embracing and receiving God as the best gift, it is there that we begin to experience the confidence that Faith allows us to have in every area of ​​our lives. This is trusting that God will take care of us and protect us in whatever circumstance we are going through. When I was a child they always taught me that with God nothing can rise up against me and defeat me; And in my walk with Christ, I have learned that there can be battles and blows in life, but with God by your side you will never fail. In this new year I invite you to activate this Faith in your life, and activate this wonderful Gift that God has given us, and you will see the power of God in the most important decisions of your life.- that God will take care of and protect us in whatever circumstance we are going through. When I was a child they always taught me that with God nothing can rise up against me and defeat me; And in my walk with Christ, I have learned that there can be battles and blows in life, but with God by your side you will never fail. In this new year I invite you to activate this Faith in your life, and activate this wonderful Gift that God has given us, and you will see the power of God in the most important decisions of your life.- that God will take care of and protect us in whatever circumstance we are going through. When I was a child they always taught me that with God nothing can rise up against me and defeat me; And in my walk with Christ, I have learned that there can be battles and blows in life, but with God by your side you will never fail. In this new year I invite you to activate this Faith in your life, and activate this wonderful Gift that God has given us, and you will see the power of God in the most important decisions of your life.-

Brian Vazquez


To embrace my word of faith is to hold on to what you believe in and trust. I will marvel at your strength and faith. We got here! You have shown that in difficult circumstances, you continue with Courage. I encourage you to build your first line of defense at home. Create a place to call your sanctuary. Wherever you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, He will be there to give you authority to speak the truth. There Christ will bring revelation upon you. If God gave you a word, this year exercise that word as you would with a Muscle. An unused muscle hardens. The same is the growth of God. Practice so you don't harden yourself. As for me, speak and I will speak through you. Feed them and they will come. Domino that gives you authority. Therefore, it seems, these muscles had a workout exercising God's word and I'm in awe every time. They will not be shaken or shaken, for they will receive spiritual blessings for being faithful and fruitful. Revelation will bring you direction in life and unlimited gifts of spirit. Never stop preparing! You have access to all the power of God! These days are thriving opportunities entrusted to us to influence others. Instilling faith in others will bring generational blessings. Our father clearly has an abundance of peace and unity as we stand firm. So when in doubt, ask our father to give you faith as he gave to the disciples. Surely God is plotting something that makes a way for someone. Keep embracing your word of faith. You got this! You can! Therefore, “Be firm, immovable. Always abounding in the Lord's work, knowing that in the Lord your work is not in vain. " 1 Corinthians 15:58. But you must "Hold fast to the Lord your God, as you have done up to now." Joshua 23: 8. God Bless all of our Fontana First Assembly families!
Byron and Kendra Sagastune