Welcome to our time of fasting and Prayer 2022. We began from January 10 to January 31.
We desire the time of fasting will help you walk more confidently in the dimension of faith.
God is waiting for us to grow more and more in faith. During these days you will develop a hunger for the presence of the Lord. It is essential that we examine ourselves and discover those aspects that have to be transformed by the power of God.
This time of fasting is accompanied by reading the Word of God, with prayer, and with our commitment to surrender.
Some of the reasons we will pray and fast

  1. 1. To seek greater intimacy with God, and To have a greater experience with the Holy Spirit.
  2. 2. To detoxify ourselves from the action of the world. Psalm 34.14
  3. 3. To be more receptive to the Word of God. Acts 17.11
  4. 4. To tune our ears to his voice, remember that if you know him, you will know his voice Luke 1: 4; John 10: 3: 25.
  5. 5. For the salvation of a friend or family member. 1 Peter 1.9
  6. 6. For liberation from some spiritual oppression. Matthew 8.16
  7. 7. To receive Wisdom and Direction. James 1.5
  8. 8. For the physical health of a family friend or for you. Jeremiah 17.14
  9. 9. For victory over anxiety, fear, depression, or loneliness. Romans 8.15
  10. 10. For the spiritual awakening of your spouse and children, family and friends. Ephesians 3.19
  11. 11. To stop living a double life, one at church and one at work.
  12. 12. To overcome issues of a sexual nature such as pornography, lust, or impure thoughts. 1 Peter 4.2
  13. 13. For the growth in our growth Cells, and the multiplication of leaders.
  14. 14. For provision and financial blessing, or help to get out of debt. 3 John 2
  15. 15. For new jobs, companies, creativity, Golden connections.

  1. 16. For the Youth, Young adult ministry and Children ministries. Luke 18.16
  2. 17. For the ministries of the church, pastors, elders, teachers, servers, audio and video and collaborators etc. 1 Corinthians 12:28
  3. 18. Victory over our sins such as pride, legalism, or superiority, gossip, misplaced words, etc. 1 John 2.16
  4. 19. For the restoration of a relationship, family, friendship, work, etc.
  5. 20. To stop a bad habit such as smoking or other
  6. 21. To receive wisdom or direction to make a critical decision
  7. 22. For the expansion of the Kingdom of our Lord
  8. 23. You can Pray and Fast for the Heavens to continue Open
  9. 24. Fast and pray to know your Savior Jesus Christ even more.


  1. 1. A list of recommended foods was given, but remember that people with some type of disease, such as diabetes or others, need a balance in their body. Our bodies are temple of the Holy Spirit, fast with conscience. And ask your doctor if you can fast.
  2. 2. Fast every day for 21 days and eat at night.
  3. 3. Fast two or three days and eat a light soup and then start another cycle of two or three days.
  4. 4. Fast the “Fast of Daniel” REFRAIN from the delicacies of the king's table (that is, what you like)
  5. 5. You can fast from your favorite cartoon or television show.
  1. a. Do not watch television on specific days / nights. Use this time to pray together as a family. To play and share with the family.
  1. 6. You can fast from fast food restaurants (“Fast Foods”) for all 21 days or half of them.
  2. 7. Do not eat special snacks such as: candies, sweets, cookies, etc.
  3. 8. Not participating in any of your favorite activities like shopping at the mall, playing video or computer games, etc.
  4. 9. Fast from using video games.
  5. 10. Fast from Facebook, or from social networks, or other sites on the Internet to distract yourself.
  6. 11. Fast from desserts, sweets, candy, soda, or chocolate.
  7. 12. You can cycle for 3 days, abstaining from meat, or some food.
  8. 13. Fast all meals for 7 days or skip 2 meals per day for 7 days or you can fast 1 meal per day for 7 days.
  9. 14. Be Spiritually sensitive, not rigid, to please our Lord.

Recommended Foods:
  • Fruits: all types.
  • Vegetables: all.
  • Legumes: All: beans, lentils, chickpea, broad beans, etc.
  • Grains and seeds: All kinds, such as corn and its derivatives such as tortilla, wheat, oats, sesame, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, rice, soybeans, pine nuts, etc.
  • Drinks: Natural water, fruit water, milk, tea,
  • Animal origin: Eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, honey, fish, chicken.

What foods to abstain:
  • ● Meats: Beef, red meat, pork, fried food.
  • ● Do not eat "Gluten" soy meat.
  • ● White flour and foods that use such.
  • ● Pasta.
  • ● Refined sugar. caffeine
  • ● Foods high in fat, butters.
  • ● Soft drinks: No type of soft drink or soda.
  • ● Desserts: No type of dessert, even cookies or sweet bread.

In this type of fast, it is about removing what is pleasant and produces pleasure and leaving only what is necessary to feed the body and have a correct functioning.

We do not claim it to be a legalistic or rigorous fast. But be really sincere with God, so that our life is really transformed.