Fontana First Assembly

Day 8. Monday, January 18 REJECTING WHAT IS NOT OF FAITH

When you read the Word of God, do you believe what you are reading?
Hebrews 11: 1 Now, FAITH is the certainty of what is expected, the PROOF of what is not seen. What a powerful script of confidence!
FAITH requires firm faith, complete trust and confidence in God and his Word! Satan wants you to doubt, question God's motives, live in fear. But most of all he wants you to walk away and blame God for everything you think is wrong in your world. God wants you, not only to live free, to prosper in freedom. He wants you to live in such a way, when the storms of life come, stand firm and strong in His Word. John 10:10 The thief comes only to STEAL and KILL and DESTROY. I came so that they have life and have it in abundance. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts I have of you, says the LORD, thoughts of PEACE, and NOT EVIL, to give you an EXPECTED end. What powerful warning and confidence writing!
The battlefield is the mind! Sometimes the enemy is subtle and other times he screams in our ears! Our thoughts can lead us to very dark places in our minds and, when acted upon, to our lives! Reject negative thoughts, ideas and wishes that make us say or do wrong. James 4: 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. What powerful writing of Victory!
Scripture requires that we trust God and act according to his Word, because if we don't, and only rely on our own understanding, we are rejecting the truths in God's Word. Proverbs 3: 5-6 TRUST in the LORD with ALL your heart; and do not lean on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. What a powerful scripture of faith!
All Scripture requires the act of faith. We can reject faith or embrace it. Philippians 1: 6 BEING CONFIDENT in this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will do it until the day of Jesus Christ. What powerful security writing!
Everything we go through in life has a purpose, and in that, is your purpose. God knows what is best for you, have faith and trust in the process! You are His son… Psalm 139: 14 (paraphrased)… You are formidable and wonderful!

Let's make 2021 the year we allow our FAITH to soar like the wings of an eagle!
I am Tessie Griego and on January 5, 1981, I gave every broken piece of my heart to God and he repaired every broken piece without scars. The journey has been worth walking in every valley and dancing on every peak of life. I cannot imagine life without my Lord and Savior.
Whom the Son frees is actually free!
Tessie Griego


Romans 14:23 … ... Everything that does not proceed from faith is sin.
I know some people who are very logical in their way of thinking. They first have to understand it, understand why, and then decide what is best for them.
That can be very good in natural things, but when we go to spiritual things, it may be that with our limited mind, we cannot understand the dimensions, or the operation of how God works and what the spiritual realm is like.
It is there where faith intervenes, that word so small, but which opens the door to the supernatural. If I approach God, I have to approach with faith, if I receive a word of faith, I have to accept it, and I have to wait for it to be fulfilled in my life. Well, faith without patience does not work.
On more than one occasion I have shared that to obtain a miracle, first you have to believe it and then you will see it. Jesus explained in Mark 9:23 all things are possible for those who believe. But in the natural world it is often said that I see it first and then I believe it.
That is why there are so many religions in the world, where it is believed that with ceremonies with rites, we can obtain the favor of God. It's like he wants to bribe God in some way.
During this powerful fast, today I encourage you to reject the things that are not of faith. Don't try to help God, as Abraham wanted to do. Do not be rigid stubborn in your way of thinking, but open yourself to the supernatural, it is that our faith has to be based first on Jesus Christ, our Lord Savior. And that for God there is nothing impossible.
If you have received a word of faith during this fast, hold on to it, do not try to think how God will do it? How will he save your children? How will God heal that disease? Or whom God will use.
My prayer is that the measure of your faith may grow moreMay spiritual eyes and ears awaken like never before. And that you can reject what is not of faith.
Pastor Daniel Bielewicz


John 12:47 New International Version
47 I will not judge those who hear me but do not obey me, because I have come to save the world and not to judge it.
When we read the title Obeying my word of faith. One can quickly assume that it is a chore, duty or something that is not wanted. When we read our state or federal laws. We can quickly determine that there will be consequences for not obeying them! But obeying my word of faith is not always describing the words that God spoke directly to the prophets or to Jesus when speaking in the gospels. It is what transcends in acceptance of the Words given by God through Jesus. Jesus himself did not claim to have spoken his own words.
John 12:49 I do not speak with my own authority; the Father, who sent me, has ordered me what to say and how to say it. When we can accept and receive the words spoken by Jesus as our own, we can begin to Obey My Words of Faith. Jesus spoke many words that bring answers to our questions, answers to our prayers. Comfort in our tests. Trust in our uncertainties and Peace that passes all understanding.
All these words are summed up in the word Faith. It is by faith that we have followed Jesus, it is by faith that believers are driven.
When you cry out in faith, this will move mountains.
I ask you today, what is your word of faith? Could it be salvation for a family member? Could it be healing for your illness? Could it be peace in the middle of the storm? Or maybe continued confidence in knowing that God is in control of everything.

Regardless of what you decide to label his word of faith in the world, remember that Jesus did not come to judge the world; came to save him.
You have heard their words. You have saved his words. Now obey his words as if they were yours.

Peter Sandoval


Joshua 1: 7-9 7 only be strong and be very courageous, to take care to do according to all the law that my servant Moses commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may be successful in all that you undertake. 8 This book of the law will never depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may keep and do according to all that is written in it; because then you will prosper your way, and everything will turn out well for you. 9 see that I command you to be strong and courageous; do not be afraid or dismayed, for Jehovah your God will be with you wherever you go.

Today we are living times where God calls us to do Effortless and courageous, when things in our lives are not going well, we have to seek more of his word, to know more of his promises.
Discouragement can touch my mind, but his word touches the heart and will change everything else. God encourages us to continue confidently, but He also urges us to be strong in doing the simple things in life. Because God will do great things for us, for Him nothing is impossible.

His word gives us life and hope that things will go well, when we are faithful and obedient. Matthew 7:24 ByTherefore, whoever hears me and does what I say is like a prudent man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came, the rivers rose, and the winds blew against the house; but it did not fall, because it had its base on the rock.
Words of Blessing come out of our mouth, when we have read and meditated on his word.
We cannot give what we do not have, so it is necessary for us to pray and meditate more on his word, so that we can walk confidently believing the words of faith, and put them to work in our lives.

All I ask is that you have a lot of courage and firmness ...
When a soldier enters a battle, there will always be some fear, but he goes forward trusting that he has been prepared for it and that his commander will support him throughout the battle.
We as children of God, walk forward in the midst of this pandemic, confidently believing God when he tells us I am the one who commands you to have courage and firmness. Do not be afraid or discouraged because I, your Lord and God, will be with you wherever you go.

Courage begins with an inner battle, do not fear that your life will have an end, No one will be able to defeat you in your whole life, and I will be with you, just as I was with Moses, without ever leaving you or abandoning you. Blessed be God, who comforts us with his word.

Juan and Estela Galvez.


Deuteronomy 7: 9 Know therefore that Jehovah your God is God, a faithful God, who keeps the covenant And mercy to those who love him and keep his commandments, until thousand generations ; God's faithfulness to his people was great God's covenant with His people to bring them out of Egypt He fulfilled it God's mercy was with his people at all times Jehovah keeps his promises to all who love him and They keep his commandments Obedience to God leads us to God fulfill his promises no matter the circumstances or situations that we are going through
The enemy wants to come and doubt in your mind that God is not with you For the situations that are happening in your life
But when you live in obedience to God, you can feel confident that God is with you because God's faithfulness, and mercy, will be with those who love him and keep his commandments.

Enrique and Rosa German


Acts 10:34 Then Peter spoke up and said: “Certainly now I understand that God is no respecter of persons,
Every time I go to the word, or spend special times in the presence of GOD. I can perceive a little more of his great love, GOD speaks to us according to our spiritual level, according to the hunger we have for his presence and his revelation, we have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
This passage in fact 10, I recommend that you read the entire chapter and see how GOD works for those who seek him. CORNELIO, was a Roman officer, he was a centurion or a captain in charge of soldiers, Cornelius did not know CHRIST, but he was looking for GOD, he was reverent and generous. GOD commanded Peter to speak to him about CHRIST, WHO SHARES THE WORD OF FAITH.
This shows that GOD rewards those who sincerely seek him Hebrews 11: 6

6And without faith it is impossible to please God. Because it is necessary that the one who approaches God believe that He exists, and that he rewards those who seek Him
The story of Cornelius makes us see that he was a religious, devout, generous, respectable, sincere man, however, he was still spiritually separated from GOD, he needed to hear the gospel, to recognize that only in Christ Jesus there is forgiveness, salvation and relationship with GOD.
GOD is willing to use extraordinary means in order to reach those who want to know him, and you and I are that instrument as Peter has been.
The good news, THE WORD OF FAITH is for everyone, we must not allow any obstacle, be it language, culture, race, Geography, economic or educational level to prevent us from speaking to others about CHRIST, in every place there are people, family , friend who seek GOD and are ready to receive the word of faith,
Peter's powerful sermon is a short presentation of the GOOD NEWS, mentioning the perfect life of service that Jesus led, his death on the cross, his resurrection, the fulfillment of the scriptures in Jesus, and the need for personal faith in Him.
Pastor Raquel Bielewicz


We are called as a church to share faith in God. Hebrews 11.6 but without faith it is impossible to please God, because it is necessary that whoever approaches God believes that there is him, and that he is a reward for those who seek him.
Believe in Hebrew = Haman means, lean on something, God is worthy of our trust
Psalm 37.5Commit to the Lord you walk, and trust him; and he will. Psalm 27.13 I would have fainted if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of Jehovah.
Psalm 27 was written by David, he faced many dangers before becoming king, he was persecuted by armies and fought many battles, his life was in constant threat, but David felt safe, he trusted God, he knew that God was with him and I would protect him at all times.
Trusting in God and experiencing his goodness are essential to sharing faith with others.
Two things have to happen for miracles to come. 1.- The word of God. which is the raw material that makes things exist. 2.- Someone who creates it. There may be a word in someone, but they need faith to believe it. In the same way God wants us not to lose heart, to walk with our eyes fixed on the author and consumer of faith, CHRIST JESUS.
2 Corinthians 9.8-9And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that, always having in all things all that is sufficient, you abound for every good work. The apostle Paul expounds this wonderful promise: we know that faith is God's coming grace, it is the key to sharing generosity. God bless, faith will make you always have.
God tells Abraham Genesis 12.2 I will bless you and you will be a blessing to others. This is the confidence we have when we share not only the word but also everything that the Lord has blessed us, nothing belongs to us but for us to share with others.
We pray believing, God is touching your mouth, do not fear sharing my word I will put my word in your mouth and you will speak it, do not fear do not be dismayed that I am the Lord your God, look that I command you to strive and be brave.

Griselda Rodriguez