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Day 11. Thursday, January 18

Hebrews 12:11–13 — 11 It is true that no discipline at present seems to be a cause of joy, but of sadness; but afterwards it bears the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been exercised through it. 12 Therefore , lift up your fallen hands and your paralyzed knees, 13 and make straight paths for your feet, so that the lame may not go out of the way, but may be healed.
Years ago when our children were little, we tried many times to correct them with methods that we thought were right. The Bible teaches us that discipline does not produce joy, straightening a tree that is crooked is much easier to do when it is tender than when it has already grown, and there it is more difficult but for God there is nothing impossible.
As children, God wants to constantly correct us, straighten us, and lead us to a life of blessing.
There is a nature within every person to be disobedient, and rebel against authority. Children who have become manipulators of their parents, saying: “I am going to report you to the authorities,” and their parents are threatened so that they do not correct them.
On this day this verse brings us very strong words, and one of them is called discipline, correction. Remember we are in the time of family transformation. It's never too late.
Action of the day:
·      Today is the day to cover your family with the precious blood of Christ Jesus. And my family is invisible in the eyes of the enemy.
·      It is time to declare: Satan I will not give you my family, this family belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.
·      Today is time to start with small actions, correct, but correct with love
·      Jesus wants to do something extraordinary, a transformation in your entire family.
·      Remember that every great work begins with small actions.
·      Love your spouse, Love your children, teach them to love the Lord.
·      It is time for action, raising our hands, moving our feet, to mark right paths so our generation can know who we have trusted.

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit, fast with conscience. And ask your doctor if you can fast.