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Day 1 9. Friday, January 26

Isaiah 40:29–31 — 29 He gives strength to the tired and multiplies the strength of those who have none. 30 The boys grow weary and weary, the young men falter and fall; 31 But those who wait for Jehovah will have new strength, they will raise wings like eagles, they will run and will not be weary, they will walk and will not be weary.
How many times do we find ourselves with our fuel tank empty, that is, at any moment the engine turns off, and we are stranded on the road.
Just as we have to periodically put fuel in our car, we also have to do it with food, for the body to have enough energy, you will say, but I'm fasting , yes it's true, but you can substitute healthier foods, without adding red meats.
In the scripture we find that God is interested in us recovering the energy of heaven, he says
renewing strength , the question is : What are you tired of, what is it that wears you down? Because the Lord has the necessary Power to put you on the race again.
Wear and tear is actually produced by daily life and the actions of the enemy. When Jesus was tempted in the desert, after 40 days of fasting, he defeated Satan
with the word , the secret is not in our point of view, but what God says about us, and how we can overcome. After Jesus defeated temptation, the word makes it clear to us that angels came and served him. I want to encourage you to be filled with the strength of the Lord,
This will help you overcome Satan's temptations and daily wear and tear.
The action of the day is to wait on the Lord, put your trust, as verse 31 says, wait and be strengthened, Job 17.9, tells you about a constant increase in God's forces. Come on receive Heavenly Power . Spread your wings, take on constant speed again. Because God says you will not be weary.
is not a day to throw in the towel , or hang up the gloves, but to continue our week of fasting and prayer.
Psalm 68:28-28 Your God has ordained your strength; confirm, God, what you have done for us.
Praise the Lord

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit, fast with conscience. And ask your doctor if you can fast.